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Make Friends With Health Insurance

Why would you ever make friends with health insurance and, really, what does that mean? Selecting health insurance and buying it has probably always been a mystery to many. For a long time you may have been covered under a family policy through one of your parents’ employers. In fact, you still might be under [...]

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Managed Care Fundamentals

Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet The term, “managed care” is commonplace and to many, has something of a stigma attached to it. In today’s article, I’d like to share some managed care fundamentals to help clarify this sometimes complex topic. Managed care started more than 30 years ago as a means of controlling then-rising health insurance costs. Since then, the concept has grown steadily and many varieties have developed. […]

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Should I Consider Personal Umbrella Insurance?

What Is Umbrella Insurance? I recently wrote an article to explain umbrella insurance. If you missed it, you can find it here. Personal umbrella insurance policies increase policy limits and therefore, act like excess liability insurance policies. However, they usually cover additional risks like libel and slander or risks involved if you are a director or an officer of some kind of organization. They therefore fill some gaps that are not covered by the primary insurance policy. […]

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What Is Umbrella Insurance?

  What Is Umbrella Insurance? Do you know what umbrella insurance is? Let me share an analogy with you to explain. Have you ever gone to work on a bright, sunny day and by lunchtime, a huge storm blows in? The wind, the rain, people trying to get to their cars with plastic ponchos and newspapers over their heads? There you are, smugly at your desk knowing that you kept an umbrella in a desk drawer. You planned for the big storm because you figured it was bound to come, only not knowing when. […]

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Why You Should Read Insurance Mail

Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet None of us get much mail anymore that’s important, but when you are involved in a matter with your insurance company, it is very important to read insurance mail every time it is received. I don’t mean that you should break into the office at night and rifle through desks. I do mean it is important to read and understand all of the mail you get from your insurance company and agent. I realize that you get a ton of it and it would be easier to put it in the junk drawer or throw it away. Don’t. It usually contains important information. Unless you read and understand it, you could be in danger. […]

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Questions About Homeowner’s Insurance Basics

Anyone buying a home must have knowledge of homeowner’s insurance basics, but questions abound. Today’s article explains many of your questions. As The Insurance Problem Solver, I simplify and clarify insurance issues to take away your confusion or headaches about insurance for your home, life, health, auto, and long-term care. The good news is you bought a house and have things to insure. The other good news is that you were smart enough to think about insuring it. But you may be a little confused about the process. Homeowner’s Insurance Basics If this is your first home and the first time that you’ve dealt with homeowner’s insurance, you probably have questions about it, and a fear of dealing with it. I’m going to take an educated guess that your number-one fear is that you don’t understand why you need it. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that a related concern is what kind you should get. Therefore, let’s talk basics to calm some of those homeowner’s insurance fears. […]

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Loving 17 Dogs While Writing Insurance Topics

Murray Brown I developed The Insurance Problem Solver (TIPS) to help people with daily insurance problems that they don’t understand or don’t have have time to handle. You don’t need a lawsuit or a practicing lawyer to handle most of them; The Insurance Problem Solver can help you. I post, and will continue to post, lots of information about insurance that is exactly that–information. I’ll explain how to apply the information to your issues and am here when you need me. But you also deserve to know more about me, Luke Brown, if only to trust me. Trust is a big deal. Other than the insurance and lawyer stuff, I am married to my wife of 32 years, Dorian. We have a son, Alex, 2 Russian tortoises, a fish and several dogs. Actually, more than several dogs. Some may say, “many dogs”, but that could be semantics. […]

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Auto Insurance Primer Part Two

I recently wrote an auto insurance primer, and you can read it right here. My goal as The Insurance Problem Solver is to educate consumers like you about insurance. If you need more help, The Insurance Problem Solver is your resource. Auto Insurance Primer In part one of An Auto Insurance Primer I explained that some types of automobile insurance are required by law in every state. We also considered that automobile insurance may be needed for other reasons because there is a loan outstanding on the car. In that case, the insurance is required to ensure that there is money available for repairs and therefore, to preserve its value. […]

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An Auto Insurance Primer

  Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet Having an auto insurance primer is good to have handy. While I don't sell auto insurance, I have worked in insurance law for 30+ years. Now, as a retired attorney, I teach and share about topics like auto insurance. I’m writing this and future [...]

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