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Being Compassionate About Insurance

Those are not words that are often uttered in the same breath. But maybe there is a connection. To see it, one has to look beyond the strict business of insurance. As I have said so often before, insurance is, above and beyond all else, protection. Sure, there are many business uses for it, like [...]

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Do You Have Fake Insurance?

You might have fake insurance and not know it. Understanding, buying and using insurance is complicated and confusing. That’s why I created The Insurance Problem Solver. My goal is to explain it to you and to run interference if you need help. I’m not the smartest guy in the room; hell, I can’t change the [...]

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How Health Insurance Co-Ops And Politics are Aligned

Politics, such as the Affordable Care Act, of which insurance co-ops are a part, is a hobgoblin of complex and mathematical stuff like insurance. Politicians, although sometimes well-meaning, practice politics, and they often pursue public or private agendas that do not square with reality. That’s not news to most people. The Affordable Care Act permitted, no, mandated, the establishment of health insurance co-ops by the states, in the absence of which individuals could turn to the federal government’s marketplace. Given the solvency issues of nearly half of the state health insurance co-ops, it is not unlikely that at least some of the others will move to the federal marketplace to avoid the complications of running a state co-op. […]

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Comparing Health Insurance Co-Ops To Cheeseburgers

hamburger Health insurance co-ops are a bulwark of the 2010 Affordable Care Act and have starred in the news lately but for all of the wrong reasons. As of this writing, 10 of 22 of them have financially collapsed and more are waiting in the wings to do so. In everyday language, they are bankrupt. Insolvent. Kaput. The reason is at once simple and complex, so some background is necessary. […]

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Open Enrollment 2016, The Insurance Problem Solver Tips

The time of year has again arrived. No, not Columbus Day, but for many it is like exploring a new world. No, not Halloween, but for many it is just as scary. No, not Thanksgiving, but many may get just as “fed-up.” I’m referring to “Open Enrollment.” It’s when you get to make your health insurance choices and changes for the coming year, 2016. This year, Open Enrollment 2016 starts on November 1, 2015 and runs through January 31, 2016. After that, you are not permitted to make changes to your group health insurance options absent extraordinary circumstances (which I will discuss in another article). If you are satisfied with the selections that you made last year and want to keep them Open Enrollment is not an issue. However, even for those of you who will not make changes, be aware that health costs may increase, so prepare for that. […]

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