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Failing Zeus: Give Pet Dental Care

Murray Brown In November, I wrote a blog called Insurance, Tumors, Murray, Milo and Me. Until then, my writing had been strictly informational about insurance. Subsequent articles picked up on that style and theme, including a couple on dental insurance. For those who did not read Insurance, Tumors, Murray, Milo and Me, it [...]

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Dental Insurance Exclusions And Other Thoughts

Although dental insurance is not the same as health insurance, oral health has a great deal to do with general health. Oral health refers to the day to day care of the mouth and teeth that is vital to overall health. It touches every aspect of life but is often taken for granted. The mouth, in a major way, reflects the overall health of an individual’s body. For example, it can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection. Systemic diseases that affect the entire body may first appear as anomalies in the mouth, such as lesions or other oral problems. Unless oral health is maintained, many aspects of physical health can be affected. To say nothing of the cosmetic factors that attend poor oral health. […]

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