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An Auto Insurance Guide You’ll Want

I’m writing this and other articles about automobile insurance for readers who, for some reason, have not previously dealt with car insurance. This may include recent graduates who have been insured on family cars while living at home. I’m also writing it for people who have auto insurance but are still confused about it. And [...]

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Life Insurance For Seniors

Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet In several other articles, we talked about pros and cons of life insurance for kids. But there is another demographic that should be discussed. Those are the “Seniors”. We can use the arbitrary age of 65 and over to define that group. Insurance Generally Any [...]

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Quick Review Of Cyber Risk Protection

The Institute of Risk Management defines “cyber risk” as any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organization from some sort of failure of its information technology systems. As the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has pointed out, problems have grown as individuals have become more reliant on electronic communications. [...]

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Many Uses of Life Insurance

The main purpose of life insurance is to provide financial protection or economic security for the survivors of the individual insured by the life insurance policy. However, the need for that protection varies based upon circumstances. A simple example is that a single person with no dependents may think that life insurance is an unnecessary expense. That may be true at that point in life. But, when he or she becomes a parent, circumstances change so that life insurance becomes necessary. That’s because money is needed for child-rearing expenses, education, and other costs. Also, before the death of a parent, both the mother and the father may contribute to household expenses. After death, only one parent is remaining, so additional funds may have to be found. Life insurance can be that source. […]

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Overview of Life Insurance

In previous articles, I wrote about life insurance for children. In planning those articles, I assumed that everybody knew what life insurance was, what life insurance was for, what kinds of life insurance existed, who needs life insurance and when, how it was priced, how to buy it, and related issues. Boy, was I wrong. Judging from the number of people who contacted me with questions, I guess the articles about life insurance for kids were interesting (or poorly written). But the questions asked were more basic than just about life insurance for children, so we need to circle back to some real fundamentals. We’ll do that in a series of life insurance articles; there is just too much ground to cover to do it in one or a couple. […]

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6 Good Reasons To Buy Life Insurance

I might be biased, but I really think everybody needs life insurance at some point in life. But I also try to be realistic and recognize that not everyone shares my bias, at least to the same degree. There may also be real or perceived financial constraints preventing the buying life insurance; however, ultimately, the [...]

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