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Working Your Way Through Managed Care

This is a continuation of our series on health insurance and in particular, managed care. Managed care can be intricate, so it will be explained in several articles. The term, “managed care” is common and to many, has a stigma of lower quality health care. There may have been a time when that had some [...]

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Seniors Must Understand Health Insurance

Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet You’ve spent a career working. Maybe you had health insurance through your company, or maybe, if working for yourself, you had an individual policy. As likely as not, you didn’t fully understood it. Now, you are retired. If you had group coverage at work, maybe [...]

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What Is Health Insurance?

medicine, age, health care and people concept - senior woman, man and doctor with clipboard at hospital ward Health insurance has dominated the news, political, and health care discussions for the past many years. But do you really know what it is or how it works? In a series of articles, starting with [...]

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