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Louisiana Flooding And Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners in Louisiana are at the mercy of receding floodwaters and mold abatement that destroyed Livingston Parish homes and surrounding areas.  The Louisiana flooding has been labeled the worst flooding in the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy that wreaked havoc up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Homeowners who elect to live in flood plains need to [...]

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Personal Injury Protection Insurance

We just discussed n0-fault insurance coverage or personal injury protection (PIP) as it is often known. Personal injury protection is first-party insurance. When we refer to PIP, personal injury protection, the car insurance is specific to you and does not cover the person or entity with which you had the collision. This type of insurance [...]

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What Is No-Fault Insurance Coverage?

No-fault insurance coverage may be available in your state. This post is about how it works and what you should know. In a similar way to the collision and comprehensive automobile insurance that we have discussed, no-fault insurance is first-party insurance. No-fault insurance is sometimes called “Personal Injury Protection” or just PIP. Let’s call it [...]

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