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Valentine’s Day And Insurance

Husband giving a diamond bracelet to his wife for Valentines Day Valentine's Day and insurance? I know, I know. The subject may seem a little strange. Stay with me, it will make sense, and there’s a meaningful connection. History of Valentine's Day Valentine’s Day has a long tradition. There’s a darker side to [...]

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Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

Murray Brown Pet insurance is near and dear to my heart. If you’ve read any of my articles, I hope that you’ve learned something about insurance. It’s a contract by which someone (or something), called the insured, is protected from a particular financial harm by transferring the risk of it to an insurance [...]

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Selecting Life Insurance Beneficiaries

Life insurance statement A life insurance beneficiary is a person or entity named in a life insurance policy to get its proceeds. There can be more than one beneficiary designated. The “proceeds” of a life insurance policy is the amount due to the beneficiary(ies) when the insured dies. The amount depends on the [...]

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