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What Is Disability Waiver of Premium?

Disability waiver of premium is language included in life insurance and disability insurance. We’ve talked in other articles about life insurance and disability insurance. They are both intended, in a broad sense, to replace income by paying money when a stated event happens to a person (not to property). The benefits are paid when the [...]

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My Dogs From Alpha To Omega

Today, I want to talk about my dogs, the Alpha through Omega and back. In particular, Rose, Stella and Victor. Everyone has heard the terms, “Alpha” and “Omega.” They are often used together, and the phrase essentially means beginning and end. Likewise, pet parents, especially those who have multiple pets, are probably familiar with the [...]

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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Everything?

Homeowner's insurance policies are in-depth documents and invariably there are exclusions and exemptions. The short answer is no. No insurance policy covers everything, regardless of its type. Here’s why. An insurance policy is a written agreement between you and an insurance company. In return for your payment of money (the insurance premium), the insurance company [...]

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