ALT="Insurance Problem Solver logo"Got an insurance problem? It’s what I do…solve them. Among the things that I liked best about practicing law was solving insurance problems for consumers and small businesses. I figured out what was covered and what wasn’t.

For the things that were covered, I helped clients navigate the maze of getting claims resolved. I also explained how insurance policies worked and helped them understand why some things weren’t covered. That was not always what they wanted to hear, but I had to make sure that they understood and not let anger or frustration with the process (or the insurer) get in the way. The process is foreign to many people, including many lawyers. Especially to lawyers that harvest (and often, actually create) problems (“pick fights”) and who are less concerned with finding solutions.

The Wrong Way to Handle an Insurance Problem

There have always been lawyers who villainized their client’s opponent. “You deserve money, and we’ll’ get it” is their mantra. Some say in their ads that they are like family to you. Others scream. But they all portray you as a victim. Don’t buy it. You are not a victim. You are someone with a problem that needs a solution.

The TV ads and the billboards are nauseating.The opponent could be an insurance company, another business, a physician, a drug manufacturer, the driver of a car that hit you, or some other opponent. The lawyers often profess to be good at everything—just watch their ads. Have you ever seen a trawler pulling a big net to catch tons of fish? Get the point? They create within you the mindset of a victim. I’ll say it again: You are not a victim. You are someone with a problem that needs a solution.

All of that said, other firm’s ads are very tasteful. Those are the ads by the gentlemen/women lawyers. The lawyers who accept and handle severe cases, often, serious bodily injury claims arising from many causes. Some of the cases do get settled, but many go to trial. Those lawyers know which is which and advise their clients accordingly. Money is not the guiding force. Nor do they use wide nets to bring in clients. They know that a lawyer is not needed for every daily affront or problem, nor is one necessarily needed at all.

The Right Way to Handle an Insurance Problem

Most insurance disputes involve questions about whether an event is covered by an insurance policy. They may also include questions about how much money is owed. Or, you may just want to know what the insurance policy means, how to use it and to have someone run interference for you.

You need someone in your corner to help you who:
• Understands insurance
• Can explain the insurance claims process
• Who the insurance company will respect and work with because of his knowledge, demeanor, and professionalism
• To whom you are not just another “fish” who got caught in the net
• Will not get you into a costly and extended fight, because he knows a better way to try first.

What I Will Do for You

• Review the insurance policy(ies) to determine if there may be coverage
• Assess the facts of the occurrence to determine if there may be coverage
• Review and evaluate all other correspondence and other documentation to and from your insurer and insurance agent
• Examine and evaluate all material produced by third parties. This may include contractors, hospitals, and physicians (NOTE: Privacy laws apply to medical records so you will have to authorize me to receive and review them)
• Correspondence and telephone calls to help resolve the claim.
• Tell you, honestly, both the good news and the bad, including, if you may need to file a lawsuit. No surprises.

Luke Brown, The Insurance Problem Solver, offers the help that you need by doing all of these things. Let me help. The lawyers will always be there.