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Personal Injury Protection Insurance

We just discussed n0-fault insurance coverage or personal injury protection (PIP) as it is often known. Personal injury protection is first-party insurance. When we refer to PIP, personal injury protection, the car insurance is specific to you and does not cover the person or entity with which you had the collision. This type of insurance [...]

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What Is No-Fault Insurance Coverage?

No-fault insurance coverage may be available in your state. This post is about how it works and what you should know. In a similar way to the collision and comprehensive automobile insurance that we have discussed, no-fault insurance is first-party insurance. No-fault insurance is sometimes called “Personal Injury Protection” or just PIP. Let’s call it [...]

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Considering Comprehensive Coverage

Perhaps the two primary coverages in an automobile insurance policy are the collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. That’s because more auto-related incidents result in property damage than in any kind of significant bodily injury. Yet, collision and comprehensive insurance coverage are frequently confused and misunderstood. In a nutshell, collision coverage provides insurance protection for physical [...]

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More On Subrogation

We've been talking about subrogation, and here is more on subrogation to help you better understand how insurance companies try to recover claims from one insurance company to another. When accidents happen, the insurance company is on the list of who gets called from the scene of the accident. How Does Subrogation Recovery Happen? 1. [...]

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Subrogation And You

Subrogation is a word that not many recognize, but in the insurance world it is an important concept. We’ve discussed two of the main first-party automobile insurance coverages: collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. To review, those kinds of auto insurance coverages pay you (or a repair facility) for damage to your insured car under the terms and in the amounts stated in the automobile insurance policy. […]

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An Auto Insurance Guide You’ll Want

I’m writing this and other articles about automobile insurance for readers who, for some reason, have not previously dealt with car insurance. This may include recent graduates who have been insured on family cars while living at home. I’m also writing it for people who have auto insurance but are still confused about it. And [...]

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An Auto Insurance Primer

  Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Using Digital Tablet Having an auto insurance primer is good to have handy. While I don't sell auto insurance, I have worked in insurance law for 30+ years. Now, as a retired attorney, I teach and share about topics like auto insurance. I’m writing this and future [...]

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