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Homeowners’ Insurance And Water

Homeowners' insurance and water are not a laughing matter. Your home shouldn't be a liquid asset! Homeowners' insurance may or may not cover water damage, and this is an area you need to know about before signing on the dotted line! Today, I want to discuss a common issue that arises for homeowners: water damage [...]

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Homeowners’ Insurance And Homeowners’ Safety Tips

Homeowners safety tips are always important as reminders and action points, especially in summer or at holidays. Because I write about insurance every day, this blog post is in line with homeowners' insurance. Mortgage lenders want homeowners to have insurance, and you're probably not getting a mortgage without homeowners' insurance!  To review, there are several [...]

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Questions About Homeowner’s Insurance Basics

Anyone buying a home must have knowledge of homeowner’s insurance basics, but questions abound. Today’s article explains many of your questions. As The Insurance Problem Solver, I simplify and clarify insurance issues to take away your confusion or headaches about insurance for your home, life, health, auto, and long-term care. The good news is you bought a house and have things to insure. The other good news is that you were smart enough to think about insuring it. But you may be a little confused about the process. Homeowner’s Insurance Basics If this is your first home and the first time that you’ve dealt with homeowner’s insurance, you probably have questions about it, and a fear of dealing with it. I’m going to take an educated guess that your number-one fear is that you don’t understand why you need it. I’ll even go out on a limb and say that a related concern is what kind you should get. Therefore, let’s talk basics to calm some of those homeowner’s insurance fears. […]

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