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My Dogs From Alpha To Omega

Today, I want to talk about my dogs, the Alpha through Omega and back. In particular, Rose, Stella and Victor. Everyone has heard the terms, “Alpha” and “Omega.” They are often used together, and the phrase essentially means beginning and end. Likewise, pet parents, especially those who have multiple pets, are probably familiar with the [...]

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Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

Murray Brown Pet insurance is near and dear to my heart. If you’ve read any of my articles, I hope that you’ve learned something about insurance. It’s a contract by which someone (or something), called the insured, is protected from a particular financial harm by transferring the risk of it to an insurance [...]

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Failing Zeus: Give Pet Dental Care

Murray Brown In November, I wrote a blog called Insurance, Tumors, Murray, Milo and Me. Until then, my writing had been strictly informational about insurance. Subsequent articles picked up on that style and theme, including a couple on dental insurance. For those who did not read Insurance, Tumors, Murray, Milo and Me, it [...]

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Loving 17 Dogs While Writing Insurance Topics

Murray Brown I developed The Insurance Problem Solver (TIPS) to help people with daily insurance problems that they don’t understand or don’t have have time to handle. You don’t need a lawsuit or a practicing lawyer to handle most of them; The Insurance Problem Solver can help you. I post, and will continue to post, lots of information about insurance that is exactly that–information. I’ll explain how to apply the information to your issues and am here when you need me. But you also deserve to know more about me, Luke Brown, if only to trust me. Trust is a big deal. Other than the insurance and lawyer stuff, I am married to my wife of 32 years, Dorian. We have a son, Alex, 2 Russian tortoises, a fish and several dogs. Actually, more than several dogs. Some may say, “many dogs”, but that could be semantics. […]

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