Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Everything?

Homeowner's insurance policies are in-depth documents and invariably there are exclusions and exemptions. The short answer is no. No insurance policy covers everything, regardless of its type. Here’s why. An insurance policy is a written agreement between you and an insurance company. In return for your payment of money (the insurance premium), the insurance company [...]

Auto Insurance Primer Part Two

I recently wrote an auto insurance primer, and you can read it right here. My goal as The Insurance Problem Solver is to educate consumers like you about insurance. If you need more help, The Insurance Problem Solver is your resource. Auto Insurance Primer In part one of An Auto Insurance Primer I explained that some types of automobile insurance are required by law in every state. We also considered that automobile insurance may be needed for other reasons because there is a loan outstanding on the car. In that case, the insurance is required to ensure that there is money available for repairs and therefore, to preserve its value. […]