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Insurance Problem Solver Services And Expertise

The Insurance Problem Solver offers a range of services to help manage and resolve the insurance-related issues that arise in your business or at home.

My goals are both educational and practical. I believe that if I help enhance your understanding of insurance, you will be able to make better choices and take better actions later.

Over time, insurance has become so confusing to many with little knowledge about the intricacies of policies, claims, payments, and managing paperwork.

Let me help your family navigate the confusing insurance world. I can simplify the complexity; clarify the confusion; and, sort through the maze, so YOU don’t have to.

I offer skilled, knowledgeable and creative insurance writing services to insurers, agents, brokers and other insurance licensees. Services include working with team members to simplify explanations of insurance offerings, including by the creation of glossaries, blog entries and informative, longer articles.

Homeowners Insurance

When a calamity hits and you're bombarded with paperwork from agents, claimants and more...

Let The Insurance Problem Solver Help

We can be the neutral voice of reason during your personal crisis and help alleviate your headache and stress.

Auto Insurance

There is always fine print on an auto insurance policy. When you're managing a claim, you're often left dangling in the middle.

Let The Insurance Problem Solver Help

Extract yourself from that stressful position. We alleviate your headache by managing your auto insurance issue.

Life Insurance

Too many types of life insurance policies exist. If you're unsure about the benefits your life insurance pays, become knowledgeable soon.

Let TIPS Help

Our voice of reason is neutral because we’re not selling you anything. We educate and explain in as simple a manner as possible so you become an expert about your future.

Health Insurance

When you have a healthcare matter, the paperwork begins and soon you become overwhelmed with too many invoices.

Let TIPS Help

We can help you by reaching a physician’s billing department, speaking with insurance companies, and simplifying the entire confusing process. Call us today!

Long Term Care

More of us are living longer, and we're often not equipped to purchase the right benefits through 90-years-old.

Let TIPS Help

We help you read the fine print of a long-term care insurance policy before you sign on the dotted line to ensure you know what you’re buying.

What I Offer:

As a retired insurance lawyer, I can help individuals and small businesses with insurance problems in a way that does not involve the court system. I do this by making insurance understandable and even acting as a liaison who can intervene informally in disputes to try to get insurance problems resolved.

Why Hire Luke Brown

Do you have the time or desire to handle complex insurance issues yourself?

That’s why you need me. I am in your corner to jump through hoops with my insurance problem solver services. Why? Because you have a life outside of your insurance, and you shouldn’t need to devote four times the amount of precious time to solve your insurance matter. Instead, you can hire me.

That’s where The Insurance Problem Solver comes in. I run interference. I sit on the phone. I write the letters. I help reach mutually acceptable solutions. I also help set reasonable expectations. That’s because insurance does not cover all things under all circumstances. That’s the harsh reality.

The Insurance Problem Solver is neither a licensed insurance adjuster nor a licensed attorney.

What Client’s Say

Luke Brown was so helpful to me, and I recommend his services. I had a serious medical claim and all of a sudden the paperwork piled up, and I didn’t know what to do. Without him, I would have had many problems.
Sandra H.
I hired Insurance Problem Solvers to help me with my homeowners insurance policy. A had a tree hit my roof, and all of a sudden everyone was calling me, and I wasn’t sure the best way to work with the insurance company and contractors. Thank you, Luke!
Doug B.
My vehicle was in a pile up in town, and my neck was sore and my car had to get auto body repair, too. I was overwhelmed with how to handle the insurance and the physical therapy, so I asked Luke Brown for help. I’m so glad I did. He was able to make the whole process a lot easier for me.
Harriet H.